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Interactive displays and presentations

Bring the buzz to your festival or event with our unique, interactive displays!  We have over 15 years’ experience delivering engaging, hands-on presentations.

Marvellous Minbeasts

Get hands on with a range of weird and wonderful critters including butterflies, caterpillars, giant litter bugs, stick insects, yabbies and more.

This display has been a huge hit for local governments, garden centres, environmental organisations and community festivals.  Our minibeasts package can include:

  • Feeding and holding butterflies, stick insects and other wonderful creatures our bug tent

  • Useing microscopes to zoom in on the amazing features of our animals

  • Creating bugs with our art activities

  • Catching bugs in our ponding trays.

Bee’s Knees Displays

Join us on an amazing discovery of bees, the unBEElievable order of the colony and importance of bees in the environment.   We safely display bees in sealed observation frame and for large festivals, a fully-sealed observation hive.  

View bees, their BEEhaviour, wax comb, larvae, pollen and honey stores up close!  Delivered by registered beekeepers and experienced science communicators, our Bee's Knees package include:

  • How to create a bee-friendly garden

  • Our amazing native bees and how to attract them

  • Bee keeping information and the fascinating lives of honey bees

  • Honey comparisons from different types of blossom

Aquatic scientists

Squeals of excitement and surprise pierce the air as children view the water bug they caught under a microscope, revealing its alien features.  We have over 20 years experience working in the aquatic sciences and this program links river health, stormwater runoff, food chains and habitat.

Our aquatic scientist festival and event activities include:

  • Yabby catching

  • Macroinvertebrate (water bug) catching

  • Science stations with microscopes

  • Art and engineering stations for participants to construct their own bug or remodel a waterway.

We are the provider for you because:
  • Our experience ranges from biodiversity education to stakeholder engagement for Master Plans to corporate events and in-store workshops;

  • Our activities are hands-on and interactive;

  • We can work with you to impart your messages while we interact with participants.


One Presenter - $275 +GST/hour

Two Presenters - $500 +GST/hour

Minimum duration : 3 hours.

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